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Jesus, You are Quite the Fellow
January 26, 2009, 10:30 am
Filed under: CRoB Review, Non-Fiction Review
jesus-you-are-quite-the-fellowJesus, You are Quite the Fellow
By: Tyrone W. Cobb M.D.
ISBN: 9781424174799
Review By: Sarah Katie
Jesus, You are Quite the Fellow is the remembrance of a young man by his grieving father. Mr. Cobb’s retelling is both thought-provoking and touching. He has experienced many trials and heartaches. I highly respect him for his courage and strength. He encourages readers going through what he has encountered and those who have not yet lost a loved one. At times this book is a gut-wrenching and compelling look at our own lives. I found myself wondering… if I died tonight would be obvious that I knew Jesus Christ? Mr. Cobb has this assurance, and he takes us on the journey with him. Justin’s journal is published in the book along his father’s thoughts on the passages. The pictures of Justin within the book help in understanding who he was.

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