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Who is this Jesus Christ?
February 13, 2009, 10:09 pm
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Who is this Jesus Christ?Who is this Jesus Christ?
By: Rev. William G. Houser, Ph. D.
ISBN: 9781424136377
Review by: Sarah Katie
For the past 33 years, journalist and skeptic Marcus Valerius has been assigned to report on Jesus’ life, death and his eventual resurrection. Before he never would have believed that one man could change him so much. But now, after seeing Him heal and bring people back to life, how could he not believe this Jesus was something more than just a man?


Who is this Jesus Christ? follows the scriptural accounts of Jesus’ life very well for a novel, particularly since this is very important part of the Bible! William Houser doesn’t include anything in his writing that isn’t at least alluded to in scripture. He uses a link to the Dead Sea Scrolls, adding some intrigue to the plot that history mystery addicts will love.

On the downside each “Script” begins or ends with “this is Marcus Valerius….” which gets a tad old. While it is completely in agreement with column aspect of the story it can be distracting to the reader. Some of the writing seems out of place for a 1st century Roman. The concept of a skeptic following Jesus Christ during his ministry is great. The writing doesn’t quite do it justice, but it still is a great read. It’s definitely a book that makes you ponder what (and who) you would have believed during Jesus’ time on Earth.


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