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Talking to the Dead(Great Book!)
July 6, 2009, 8:05 pm
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As i’ve mentioned before i didn’t have a strong desire to read this book…. until i read all the wonderful reviews people were posting! It seemed a bit too creepy for me, and maybe a little bit too “grown-upish” fiction. (FYI… It isn’t!)

I got another opportunity to read this book so, i had to sign up!

While browsing the author website i found one of the neatest things… A book soundtrack. I wish so many more authors would do this! I’m a HUGE music nerd and have heard (and love) most every artist on this list. I’m glad to hear about the ones i don’t know of too. If they’re on this list with all the other wonderful artists I know they’ll be great!

I’m really glad that it’s not only comprised of the token christian contemporary artists. CCM artists are great but I love to hear about people I haven’t tried before.

Gee thanks, Bonnie, now my Itunes cart got that much longer! 🙂

Here with Me by Dido

Holy Moses by Jann Arden

Kite Song by Rosie Thomas

Riverside by John Gorka

White Flag by Dido

Long Lost Brother by Over the Rhine

Paper Doll by Rosie Thomas

Out Loud by Mindy Smith

Why Waste More Time by Rosie Thomas

If Words Were Bullets by The Daylights

Jealous of the Moon by Nickel Creek

Much Farther to Go by Rosie Thomas

If This City Never Sleeps by Rosie Thomas

Too Much Love Will Kill You by Queen

Analyse by the Cranberries

Let Him Fly by Patty Griffin

Peace of Mind by Mindy Smith

Shooting Horses by Jann Arden

Little Girl by The Daylights

For the epilogue: Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse

Jack’s song: I Believe by Derek Webb

Kate’s song: Hard to Get by Rich Mullins

Okay, i’m now going to actually talk about the book. 🙂 MHMMMMM! This is GREAT! I’m so, so proud of David C. Cook for publishing great fiction this year! You get a GIANT thumbs up from me, you guys!

Bonnie Grove is an incredible first novelist. I was shocked that she’s never written a fiction book before. Basically this book is perfect! It has all the wonderful markings of great book.  There’s a bit of mystery, sorrow, grief, hope and love  in this book.  Bonnie Grove is excellent at weaving an intricate and beautiful story.

Kate is a multi-dimensional character and i had a great time reading more about her and what made her tick. Very highly recommended. This book should come with a warning though. It is not good public reading. I should know! i read it while in a doctor’s waiting room. Do you know how hard it can be to not start outright sobbing when this book moves you so to tears?

Be sure to check out her site, it’s pretty neat(click on the photo!)


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Okay – you are making me want to read this TODAY! I need to look up your blog while at the library to find some books to read!! Thanks for your reading and your great reviews!

Comment by Janelle

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