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The Desires of her Heart
July 23, 2009, 8:24 pm
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desiresI want to give readers of this review a little bit of background. On a social site Lyn Cote posted a message asking for reviewers of her latest book (at the time, at least) I sent her an email to let her know i was willing and she sent me a copy of The Desires of her Heart. Unfortunately the packing tape came undone on and the post office delivered the envelope completely empty. I let Lyn know i didn’t recieve a copy and i wouldn’t be able to review it. She was kind enough to send me another copy and this time it arrived safely. ūüôā

About the book (from goodreads)
A beautiful historical romance between a woman forced to make a new life on the Texas frontier with her overbearing stepfather, and the scout who leads their wagon train through the uncharted territory.

And now the review….
I don’t read a whole lot of “wild west pioneer” type fiction but,¬†I think¬†I prefer Lyn Cote over any other author¬†I have read in this genre! She writes¬†her books¬†well, and her jargon makes sense¬†with the setting and characters. Her story was very unique to¬†a genre that has the tendancy to become stale on new plots.
I did take a while reading it, which is not to say the story wasn’t engaging, because it is! But, i didn’t devote enough time to reading only Lyn’s book. It did take me a while to get into the book (about the first quarter) but the last half of the book went by so fast. I was flipping pages rapidly so i could find out what happened to these great characters.!Dorrit is a admirable heroine and was a free-thinker. She is reluctant to get married, thinking that she will be stuck in a unhappy marriage like her mother’s. She treats her family’s slaves with great kindness, and considers them her friends. This is in direct contradiction to her step-fathers treatment and makes her to be a bit out of place in her family.
Speaking of some of the “bad guys” in this novel…. Many seemed to be too “perfectly” evil, with no explanation or insight about what made them that way. I hope there’ll will be more “flawed” villians in her next books in the series.

It seems as if a couple very suspenseful things were not fully resolved in the end. However, I think the author will tie all those loose ends up in the next in this series, “Her inheritance Forever”


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