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Invitation to the Jesus Life by Jan Johnson
August 1, 2009, 4:27 pm
Filed under: Navpress Review, Non-Fiction Review


Jan Johnson highlights 17 of Christ’s Characteristics in this book. It consists of four parts including,  Jesus, the Relater-Style Savior; Jesus, the Proactive Lover; Jesus, the Confident Purposeful Savior; Jesus, the Selfless, Hidden Savior. In the back of the book is a chapter detailing how this book can be used in a large group bible study.

This is a deeply thought out book. Jan Johnson wrote a great book to help us understand who Jesus really was, so we can learn live the way he did. No phony “Christianish” rhetoric here. Johnson delves in deep to what being a Christian means and includes.  She is a great writer and consistently makes me think in this book. Each chapter is devoted to a certain aspect of Christ’s character and love for us. Jan Johnson also gives an extensive list at the end of each chapter on how to share and express what was learned in that chapter. 

It can also be easily used as a personal Bible Study. This is not a book that is light on spirituality,  Jan Johnson is an in depth teacher.  She gets down to the nitty gritty way Jesus lived, and you’ll be wanting to sink your teeth into it’s meat. I would suggest walking through this book slowly, and utilizing all of the resources Jan has supplied. You’ll definitely want to soak as much of this book as possible.


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