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Your Kingdom Come CD review
August 20, 2009, 10:49 am
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your kingdomBy Matt Papa

After signing up on their blogger music review program, Centricity was kind enough to send my a copy of Matt Papa’s CD Your Kingdom Come.  
Centricity has always delivered varied christian music. In Fact the music I listen to most often comes from their label. Matt papa is no execption! He  manage to sound orginal, without being so “original” it just gets weird. 
I  have grown tired of some of the “feel good” messages Christian music has been sending out for a while. Matt is a fresh new voice both lyrically and vocally. He reminds me a bit of Keith Green, as he pairs catchy songs with strong prose. Much of this cd is soundly based in a passage of scripture, like the song 117, based on the same chapter of the Psalms. 

The CD is at times a bit similar to David Crowder’s A Collision cd. In particular i would note the single “Open Hands”. It’s a fantastic song, and so good it would be very likely that you would think it WAS David Crowder.
Since I own Matt’s last cd You Are Good, I found it to be hard to differenciate between the two cd tracks. You Are Good was produced on a different label, so that could be one reason for the similar sound.

Standout songs a “Hymn in C” and the single “Open Hands”.  But one of my personal favorites is the Beatle-esque/ bollywood track, no lyrics but great music that makes me happy 🙂

Definitely a cd worth trying out, it’s not going to everyone cup of tea, but if it sounds like it would be, you’ll not be dissapointed.

For a fan of: Rich Mullins, Leeland, David Crowder Band, and Keith Green.

 to see a video of “Open Hands” Tutorial and check out his channel at


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Wow. I have to look into this guy. If he can be compared to Krith Green and Rich Mullins, then I am definitely interested. Keith’s music means more to me than ANY OTHER songwriter/singer period, and Rich was so real. Nor many fit into the class of those two.

Glad I went back a couple of pages to read this one.

Comment by Cathi H.

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