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Jason Gray Everything Sad is Coming Untrue cd Review
September 14, 2009, 4:52 pm
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How incredibly gifted can one person be? This guy is one of the best singer/songwriters out there. I was a little frightened that Jason Gray would not be able to match the brilliancy that is shown in his previous record, All the Lovely Losers. I am delighted to say that fear was completely ungrounded. Even after listening to this cd nearly non-stop for two weeks it hasn’t gotten old.

This is not a light listening record. Sure, the songs he sings are fun, but when you get down to listening to the lyrics and really hearing what Jason is saying, this cd becomes piercing. I don’t know of any other songwriter who can write of such things in so eloquent a way.

here’s a few of the tracks that really stand out for me:

“How I Ended up Here” is a funny tongue-in-cheek song about avoiding people. It’s so funny at first listen but then, when you really listen to the lyrics it becomes sobering. Here’s the lyrics:

One of the songs that is very reflective of our humanity is “Everything Sad is Coming Untrue” and particularly Pt. 2 see lyrics here

Possibly the most striking musically is the track, Fade with our Voices.

In “More Like Falling In Love”  Jason reveals the heat of every broken person, just looking for someone to love and be loved back Check out the lyrics:

But, my favorite out of them all, is the Golden Boy and the Prodigal, it is a lyrically rich and is one of the most confessional songs i have heard in a long time.
Be sure to stop by Jason’s website to have a listen to this amazing record!


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I pretty much share your opinion, especially on Fade with our Voices

Comment by David Michaels

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