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Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker
October 14, 2009, 10:23 pm
Filed under: Navpress Review, Non-Fiction Review

interruptedJen Hatmaker is a woman I would love to have coffee with! I can’t even imagine in what directions our conversation would go. She has some of the exact same thoughts i have and also some that have really challenged me to think beyond myself.
This book is honest, and passionate and full of living for the least of these. This book wasn’t a quick read for me, I wanted to take my time with it and soak it up!
At the end of the sections she made a list of what books, films or people influenced her during that time of discovery in her life. Most of them I knew of and enjoyed!

It’s just an honest portrayal of a woman finding out how to truly love people with a passion, and that passion leaps off the pages! I loved that every once in while her husband would chime in with his perspective, that really made it feel like a conversation. I can’t help being positive about this book. I really think Jen’s book will challenge a lot of people, I know she challenged me. Definitely worth reading over and over again.

If you live or at some time will be in the Austin, Tx area you should really check out her church, Austin New Church. I know i want to!

Also, if you would like to get deeper into this book a DVD group study is available through Lifeway Christian Book stores.

Thanks to Navpress’ generosity I was sent this book. I have read it in its entirity and have not been compensated in any way other than with the review copy itself. This is my honest opinion, i have not be asked to give a blanket approval of any book.


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great review – again, makes me want to read this one!!

Comment by Janelle

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