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The Gospel According to LOST by Chris Seay
January 12, 2010, 5:11 pm
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I love the series LOST, LOVE it! It took me a while to get into the show, and I still don’t get all the mysteries of the island, but it’s still one of my favorite T.V. shows. So, when I heard about Chris Seay’s book The Gospel According to LOST, I knew I had to read it.

While it is a little strange he didn’t wait until the end of the series to write this book, it is a book I think will still have relevance at the end of the 6th season.

He discusses many of the most beloved characters, and draws parallels from within the show to the Bible, in a much more Biblical (and less religious) way than in the show itself.
Don’t worry about being literally “lost” in this book, If you’ve never seen this show before, Chris Seay is thorough and detailed, He retells the back story of every major character in the show. There are a few spoilers here and there, but not too many to worry about ruining the show for you.
Loved this book just as much as i do the Series and I’ll certainly be passing this around to the other “losties” i know.

(Side note:Scott Erickson created some amazing artwork for this book, which you can check out here : )


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Love your reveiw – I too love Lost and would love to read this!! Great review!!

Comment by Janelle

I can’t wait to read this book! Looks amazing…love the pics! Only 12 more days until the premiere!

Comment by Lainee

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