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Pirate Hunter by Tom Morrisey
February 13, 2010, 10:25 am
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about the book:

Following a captured slave who’s been freed by the sixteenth-century pirate who takes his ship, the novel weaves a rollicking tale of adventure. Paralleling this story in the present are the treasure hunters seeking the gold–and stories–of the past. Greg Rhode–a preacher’s kid who has become a marine archaeologist–hires on to participate in Phil Rackham’s salvage operation in the Florida Keys. He is hoping that Rackham will make him rich, not suspecting the true riches he’ll eventually confront.

My review:

Pirate Hunter is one of those great historical books which ties in a contemporary story – and still makes complete sense. Tom Morrisey didn’t spend too much time on one half of the story while neglecting the other half. The combination of the two stories was fun to read, as he would mirror the ending of the chapter with the beginning of the next.

It’s been a while since i read this, but i can still remember the characters and in pretty vivid detail. It really reminds of Clive Cussler books, with a little less language and innuendo (or complete lack thereof) Definitely a fun, engaging read. It’s not a life-changing book, but is certainly a memorable one.

Three stars.
Thanks to Bethany House for providing this book for me to review!


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Many thanks for the review. I was wondering: other than subject matter, what reminded you of Clive Cussler? I’ve read him, and he and I have even spoken on the phone a couple of times, and I don’t see a lot of similarity. But I’ve heard some other reviewers say the same thing, so maybe you see something that I’m missing!

Comment by Tom Morrisey

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