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The Judas Ride by Peggy Sue Yarber
February 13, 2010, 9:19 pm
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The Judas Ride

About the Book:

“An unwed (and unwanted) teen pregnancy with two possible fathers. Abusive relationships. Drug and alcohol addiction. Rape and molestation. The struggle to understand grace, forgiveness, and free will versus predestination. The Judas Ride hits the road running in the opening pages, where Sonia and Xavier argue explosively about whether Sonia should have their unborn child and about who the father is: Xavier, a struggling Christian, or Vader, an abusive and abused drug dealer. As the pages turn, readers continue to meet a hodgepodge of troubled teens and eclectic characters, including Pastor Manny, a quirky immigrant pastor infatuated with John Wayne. Pastor Manny desires to help the tortured souls in his community but finds that it takes more than unconditional love to reach them. Secrets literally kill in The Judas Ride, an edgy, in-your-your face Christian novel that boldly explores the struggles of modern-day young people.”

My Review:
The Judas Ride was written for Teens. It’s an extremely “edgy” book that sometimes goes into details which would be better left to the imagination, especially for younger teens.

Although Peggy Sue Yarber still “explains” and doesn’t “show” her characters, she has improved a lot since her earlier book, Tare. However, this continual explanation of why and what her characters are doing takes a lot away from the imagination reader. It also tends to “dumb down” your audience.  Not to mention it makes the book harder to read!

It’s a good story, but the execution makes it almost unreadable for teens. It’s hard to follow, sometimes violently graphic, and full of characters who are not commendable for most of the book. Although it has a redemptive undercurrent, I wish Peggy Sue Yarber had made it an essential part of the plot.
I give it three stars, as with a little bit more polish this had the potential of a great YA novel.
Thanks to the Author for providing this book for me to review!


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