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True for You, But not for Me by Paul Copan
February 15, 2010, 4:15 pm
Filed under: Bethany House, Non-Fiction Review

about the book (

Learn to respond to one of the most common objections about Christianity – that it claims to be the only faith. The message of relativism and religious plurality is very popular and its argument is commonly accepted. Here you will find clear explanations to counter those arguments, including: the absolute quality of relativism, the exclusivity of inclusivity, the uniqueness of Jesus, and, “What about the unsaved who have never heard?”.

My review:

This is an interesting book, Paul Copan has worked to compile the most common arguments against Christianity and writes a sort of rebuttal system to use against each.

However, i do think this book could possibly end up being very dangerous.

I could very easily see this becoming a  “translation” book for well-meaning Christians to just start flipping through the pages – just like tourists in a foreign country.

I don’t think this is the smartest nor most effective way to share Christ’s love. I don’t want to argue my “cause” – just live it. In many ways i find it more enjoyable and not to mention  long-lasting for a person to immerse themselves in another country. You learn the little intricacies and traditions of a culture that had you taken a more brash approach, you would never had found. I think it would be a wise thing for Christian apologists to do as well.

If this book is the sort of thing you’re looking for, a straight-forward, focused on “winning” the sinner rather then befriending, this is a good book. However, it is not what I’m looking for, i would rather have my discussions of faith be an organic offshoot of a deep friendship.


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