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For Honor: An Adventure of What Might Have Been
April 8, 2010, 10:45 pm
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about the book (from author)
Can one woman save a country? Can she do it as a lady musketeer and fencer in 17th-century France, and can she and the musketeers grant a hero’s final wish?

My review
I’m going to start off with my disclaimers, and then get to the good stuff 🙂
First off, I have no qualifications(on paper, at least) for being interested in reading this book. I received this as a random pick from three books  by a review company, Nothing Binding. It wasn’t my first choice, but it sounded really interesting based on the synopsis. I know very little about France, and even less about 17th century France. Honestly, I’m more of a Brit wanna-be. I have never read any of Dumas’ books and have never watched the movie adaptions. The closest I’ve come to watching the movie is the Wishbone show on the Three Musketeers! I didn’t even see the Disney cartoon version starring Mickey and his friends!

But even still, this book slowly won me over. I say slowly because it did take me a while to get invested in the story. Not because of poor writing or bad characterization, but because I know so little of the back story(this book is supposed to take place after the events in the Three Musketeers)
Having said that, you don’t need to have read it to enjoy this one!  I’m sure it would help to get you into the swing of things, and you might notice some interesting parallels that I completely missed, but it’s not necessary. If you’ve already read and experenced the Three Musketeers, I have a feeling you’d really enjoy this one. It proabably has some modern sensibilities tossed in, but fits well within the genre of historical french fiction. It’s engaging, completely action-packed and has some great  “you go girl!” moments!
My one small gripe is, I really wish the author would have used more French words and phrases within the book, especially since she is a French teacher! There were a few here and there, but not quite enough to convey an authentic French feel.
This book has given me a reason to pick up Dumas’ books the next chance I have!

Thanks to Nothing Binding and the writer/editor for sending me this book to review!


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