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Never Let You go by Erin Healy
April 14, 2010, 2:09 am
Filed under: Fiction review, Thomas Nelson Reviews

After her estranged husband, Grant, tries to re-enter her life, Lexi is determined to keep him away from their daughter, Molly—especially now that a drug dealer is demanding payment for Grant’s debts. But the “seen” is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s the invisible evil powers that threaten Lexi’s world. Will heaven help her?

My review,
This is Erin Healy’s first book as a solo author, though she has co-written two books with Ted Dekker. She’s already a pro, she deftly blends suspense, heartbreak and the supernatural into Never Let You Go.

This book might seem hard to follow at first, many characters are introduced at once, and the scenes are shown from multiple POV’s (point of view) But that is only at first!
The book starts picking up speed straightaway, and Erin barely allows for the reader to take a breath before pulling another punch to the literary gut.  (I started reading this at night, not the best time to start this book!)
 Never Let You Go isn’t written for one gender or the other, but will probably appeal to females in particular, and especially mothers. This book is refreshing in it’s appeal, since the suspense genre has been so dominated male authors.
Very, very strong “debut”  and definitely a recommended read! (just not at night!) 🙂


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