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How Many Kings By Downhere CD review
October 16, 2009, 8:25 pm
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I love downhere, I would say they’re one of my top 10 favorite bands. I own practically every cd they’ve put out (I don’t own any of the digitally produced albums!). They’re always among the most played cds on my ipod. When I learned earlier this year the guys were releasing a Christmas album I knew it would be great, just like everything else they’ve done!

This music truly is worthy of a listen any time of the year. There’s plenty of old favorites, some little known carols, and even some brand new tracks written by downhere themselves!
I was pleased to see a new favorite carol I discovered last year on the cd; (at least it’s new to me, it’s an old song) Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella.

Since the single How Many Kings made it’s debut on Centricity’s Christmas album Bethlehem Skyline the guys have changed it up a bit. They’ve added some strings AND in the Re-Imagined version Jason (instead of Marc) takes the lead vocals. I can’t say which I like better, both the guys bring great vibe to the song.
It’s completely different from the original and just as good, definitely a favorite on the cd.

Another song which is  totally amazing is Christmas in our Hearts. Have a listen if you can!
In classic Downhere style there are a couple of surprises along the way. I’ll let you discover those ūüôā
For some of you it might be a bit early to even think about Christmas again, but trust me, when you’re ready for it, pop in How Many Kings and you’ll get in the spirit. Just start singing! ūüôā

After you’re through reading this review (and a couple others *hint, hint*) be sure to check out their site. It’s pretty cool and you can read the guys’ blogs!(just click the pic!)

Thanks to the awesome people at Centricity Music for providing this cd for me to review!


Jason Gray Everything Sad is Coming Untrue cd Review
September 14, 2009, 4:52 pm
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How incredibly gifted can one person be? This guy is one of the best singer/songwriters out there. I was a little frightened that Jason Gray would not be able to match the brilliancy that is shown in his previous record, All the Lovely Losers. I am delighted to say that fear was completely ungrounded. Even after listening to this cd nearly non-stop for two weeks it hasn’t gotten old.

This is not a light listening record. Sure, the songs he sings are fun, but when you get down to listening to the lyrics and really hearing what Jason is saying, this cd becomes piercing. I don’t know of any other songwriter who can write of such things in so eloquent a way.

here’s a few of the tracks that really stand out for me:

“How I Ended up Here” is a funny tongue-in-cheek song about avoiding people. It’s so funny at first listen but then, when you really listen to the lyrics it becomes sobering. Here’s the lyrics:

One of the songs that is very reflective of our humanity is “Everything Sad is Coming Untrue” and particularly Pt. 2 see lyrics here

Possibly the most striking musically is the track, Fade with our Voices.

In “More Like Falling In Love”¬† Jason reveals the heat of every broken person, just looking for someone to love and be loved back Check out the lyrics:

But, my favorite out of them all, is the Golden Boy and the Prodigal, it is a lyrically rich and is one of the most confessional songs i have heard in a long time.
Be sure to stop by Jason’s website to have a listen to this amazing record!

Your Kingdom Come CD review
August 20, 2009, 10:49 am
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your kingdomBy Matt Papa

After signing up on¬†their blogger music review program, Centricity¬†was kind enough to send my a copy of Matt Papa’s CD¬†Your Kingdom Come. ¬†
Centricity has always delivered varied christian music.¬†In Fact the music¬†I listen to most often comes from their label. Matt papa is no execption! He ¬†manage to sound orginal, without being so “original” it just gets weird.¬†
I ¬†have grown tired of some of the “feel good” messages Christian music has been sending out for a while. Matt is a fresh new voice both lyrically and vocally. He reminds me a bit of Keith Green, as¬†he pairs catchy songs with strong prose.¬†Much of this cd is soundly based in¬†a passage of scripture, like¬†the song 117, based on the¬†same chapter of the¬†Psalms.¬†

The CD¬†is at¬†times a bit similar to David Crowder’s A Collision cd. In particular i would note the single “Open Hands”. It’s a fantastic song, and so good it would be very likely that you would think it WAS David Crowder.
Since¬†I own¬†Matt’s last cd You Are Good, I found it to be hard to differenciate between the two cd tracks. You Are Good was produced on a different label, so that could be one reason for the similar sound.

Standout songs a “Hymn in C” and the single “Open Hands”.¬† But one of my personal favorites is the Beatle-esque/ bollywood track, no lyrics but great music that makes me happy ūüôā

Definitely a cd worth trying out, it’s not going to everyone cup of tea, but if it sounds like it would be, you’ll not be dissapointed.

For a fan of: Rich Mullins, Leeland, David Crowder Band, and Keith Green.

¬†to see a video of “Open Hands” Tutorial and check out his channel at¬†