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Single Sashimi
February 14, 2009, 8:23 pm
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From the back of the book:

Venus Chau is a high-powered video game developer. Now she might be working for the man she’s always hated . but what if he’s no longer the man she thought she knew? The third book in the Sushi series offers romance with the spice of ginger.

The story was engaging, but I didn’t feel quite the same connection with Venus, the main character, as I did with the previous Cousins. But that being said Camy, once again, made a “real” woman who is dealing with some serious image issues.  I liked that Camy took something I wasn’t very familar with(the video gaming world) and explained it clearly and made it interesting.
This is a great book for someone who wants to read something that has a great message and isn’t “preachy” christian fiction. The author also tied up some loose ends in Single Sashimi, so if you’ve read the previous books in the Sushi Series, you better read this one!


Only Uni
February 6, 2009, 6:36 am
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Only Uni
By Camy Tang
#2 in the Sushi Series

After reading Camy’s first book in the Sushi series i was looking forward to more! In Sushi for One Trish Sakai is definitely not a likable person, I had no idea how Camy could possibly make me like her. But Camy Tang can and did!  I think i actually enjoyed Only Uni more than Sushi for One. The story picks right back up and I felt as if I had never left the world of the Sakai cousins. You, as the reader, can really see the changes in Trish’s attitude and her increasing faith in God. I can’t wait to pick up the next book!

Sushi for One
December 29, 2008, 9:27 pm
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(posted on January 28, 2008)
sushiSushi for one? (What a great title, by the way) What can I say about this book? I pretty much LOVED it. I love Camy’s style of using humor and serious situations together. I was totally rooting for Lex; she’s one of the most memorable and realistic heroines I’ve ever read about(and I‘ve read a lot)*Smile*. I’m not that hot on volleyball but Camy has addressed it in such a way that I didn’t feel lost. Lex’s family reminds me of my big fat Greek wedding, which speaks for itself. Camy has all the quirkiness of a memorable author and all the brilliance of a seasoned one. The glossary in the back cracked me up! I can’t wait to read the others in this fantastic series!